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[TUTORIAL][MUST-SEE] How to rank up ?!

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B1G Shaq

18 Окт 2017
How everyone how are you today ?
Ok so we're here guys to talk about a pretty cool stuff : we will take a look together on how to boost your rank like crazy on Zombie Escape Server ! Ready ? Here we go !

Some stuff you need to know before we start :
(1)You will always get zombie if you join the round just after it begins, like 15-20 seconds after the first infection.
(2)You will maybe need some map knowledge and little bhop skill. A thing you can do is to get VIP, just like the guy we will see : your jump will be easier, and your bhop too.
(3)Try to vote for maps which get good potential of rankboosting. Maps including obstacles can be a very good choice : Surf maps for example. The goal there will be to trim all the slow (poor) people.
(4)You don't lose any point by suiciding.

Thanks for the concerned player for his (very indirect) help about this topic.

Now let's start. I selected the 2nd player of the server, aka BADABOOM which already made noises about "antisportive comportment" stuff. I took his game session of today from https://demos.net4all.ru/demos, which includes 6 different maps as total. He started his session with 9,276 points.
I will build my argumentation by linking every demos of every maps (6), one by one, and select the ticks of boost-ranking moments.
For those who don't know, a demo is literally a replay of the concerned map, and a "tick" is accorded to a moment in the demo. If it's a bit vague for you at the moment you'll understand without difficulties by using it.
If you wanna understand what i'm talking about you will need to download the demos, put the demo file in "csstrike" folder, then open the game and press Maj+F2 to open the Demo Playback. Choose the demo file by clicking on "Load" and go to your csstrike folder, where is located your demo !

Here we go.

Map : ze_random_escape_b7_3
Ticks total : 110410

Tick 6000 : join the round late, simple as that !
Tick 31900 : volunteerly suicide (he's aware of it) to become zombie. Good one there !
Tick 50300 : going spec to avoid death. Smart one !
Tick 62000 : join the round late after going spec. Yeah, don't make it too obvious, wait a bit before joining the round ! No one will notice anything ! Shhhhh.. !
Tick 82000 : Hell yeah, more juicy points on this inflating ! :D
Never forget it's not that hard guys, you can do it also !
Tick 110000 : And this is how you end up like a BawWwWss at 23 kills ! Great job there.

Map : ze_lotr_mines_of_moria_v6_3
Ticks total : 92325

Tick 4200 : join late during round ! ahah it always works :p
Tick 66400 : don't forget, suicide to avoid the loss of points !
Tick 92000 : Ending up with 16 kills. Hmmm you can do better, don't worry !

Map : ze_pirates_port_royal_v3_6
Ticks total : 100277

Particular Case here. Do not join like you did since the 1st round ! The first stage of this map is a free rankboost ! You will kill the zombies at the end if you survive, no need of exposing yourself at the begin ;)
Yeah i'm cool, I know. o_O
Tick 28500 : at the end wait few seconds and aim directly for the heads. BOOM 9 (x2 for zombie kills) juicy kills. Hey boy, you start to gid gud at dis game !
Tick 57000 : Yes, sometimes you don't even need to become zombie by yourself, the game do it for you ! No no i'm not lying i'm dead serious. :eek:

Map : ze_surf_vortex_v1_9s
Ticks total : 111740

Ok here's a VERY good map of rank-whoring. Normally, it's a must-joinlate 1st round for this map, let's check it out !
Tick 4100 : here we go ! GO GO GO ! :mad::mad::mad:
Tick 8200 : When you see a human in difficulty, you can pre-shot his "!ztele" to spawn. Maybe that's what he tried there... Hmm, let's continue.
Tick 26000 : 11 kills. Easy peasy points.
Tick 51000 : Human at this point got a high percent of victory. As a zombie, you will die at the end of the map. So don't take any risk, go spec ! You need to die the less possible !
Tick 53000 : You did well ! Humans won and you would have lost points.
Tick 77500 : He deciced to suicide on laser, which is a respectable choice since humans had a poor chance of winning there. Never forget, suicide is oftenly a good option !
Tick 110000 : throw a grenade when the screen's getting white, and appreciate the points ! :)

Map : ze_alien_shooter_v7
Ticks total : 101052

Tick 4200 : Nothing particular here. You can do your thing (you already know what, right ?)
OH WAIT CRAP he missed on this one ! Actually joined 11sec later the infection. So he became human... omg this noob LOL :eek::eek:
Tick 31700 : Ok we are at the end of the map and he fell down from the helicopter. We are in a very critical position : zombies are all arround you, and you won't be able to use !afk command due to the 15sec of delay... GOD DAM' IT...
Well, the force by the force : Disconnection (can aft+F4 for more efficiency).

Map : ze_pizzatime_v4s
Ticks total : 89832

Tick 26000 : Ah, he's back ! Well on this map you have a free suicide spot which is literally a pizza on which one you walk to, on the floor. So yeah good one from him, it's true that's it's another way to get zombified even faster than the other one ! Get suicided like 5sec ago from infection, and you're sure to be in the next zombies. Quick and efficient. I like dat !
Tick 41000 : he could have done it here also. But how infortunate, I just learned the poor guy got a 1 week ban few days ago, so he really needs to be careful now... That's why i told and i'm telling you again , don't make it too obvious !

Session ended. Actual points : 9,583.
Well, that's all for me guys, thanks for your atten... Wait, do you mean he won 300, exactly 307 points with that by being 2nd of the server ???? :eek:
Okay so you guys know a bit more what to do to boost your rank.....Herrr........Well I gotta go I have a meeting :Kappa:

So yeah, I spend a bit of my time to create this so I really hope you guys will enjoy it.
Maybe i will do some other tuto on others topics such as which weapons to buy on which maps to boost your rank (like sg550 on far-defense maps), I don't know... We will see !

See ya :cool:


3 Янв 2016
suicide and command !afk before infection is considered unsportsmanlike behavior and for this is laid the ban
PS:sorry for my English

[RUS] суицид и команда afk перед заражением является неспортивным поведением, за что положен бан
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11 Фев 2017
very good stuff:) gonna try it a bit later
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4 Сен 2016
the player is reset statistics because he stuffed it not in an honest way.

@B1G Shaq thank you very much for the detailed explanation:)
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